The recipe for success…

WFML_Launch15080When you take one cool Bardon location, add one hundred and fifty excited guests, a raft of stunning gowns and a pinch of genius, with a caravan bar just for good measure, then you have the recipe for an incredibly successful launch party. Vanessa Hoe from When Freddie Met Lilly is having a stellar year with her gowns gracing the catwalks of major events and is soon to have her own showcase on the ultimate stage at New York Fashion Week.

The function followed last years tried and tested formula, but in bigger and better ways. A wonderful retro caravan bar from Gathering Events greeted patrons as they arrived, with enormous lighted letters from LES Events making certain everyone knew they were in the right location. After the chance for photos with Instapartypics, guests made their way down onto the main showroom to be entertained by musical duo BenJam and enjoy delicious pre-show nibbles from Cuisine on Cue. The showroom had been transformed under the guidance of Tanya from Sugared Style events with stunning features from AV Ideas whose spectacular work we seem to be seeing at more and more events.

WFML Launch 15_020AAt the appointed hour, MC for the evening and Channel 7 rising star Hayley Picoto, looking stunning as always in a form-fitting red dress, introduced the first parade featuring formal and bridesmaids dresses. Every piece had the wow factor – sexy low backs mixed with sheer lace and figure-hugging slinky silk numbers that caused gasps in the awestruck audience. One of our own favourites was a stunning gold-sequinned gown that shimmered like a mirror ball as it moved – red carpet worthy for any occasion! Of course Vanessa is multi-talented and has a range of exceptionally trendy suits for the boys too, and they weren’t forgotten, not to mention providing some necessary eye-candy for the overwhelmingly female audience.

A combined team worked on the hair and makeup, including Carly from Whisk Hair, Karla from Blissful Makeup and Tracey and Lucie from Bella Brides, showing a diverse range of upstyles. Each gown was accompanied by contemporary headpieces by the Little Pack of Five, or stunning flower crowns by Francesca’s Flowers.

After a short break for more entertainment it was on with the show and time for the bridal gowns which were equally as spectacular as the formal gowns. The inclusion of flower girls and junior bridesmaids dresses was a cute little touch and the girls certainly enjoyed being in the spotlight. Some had cute wedding aisle signs from LaPapeterie, while others had perfect posies.

When you see the depth and variety of Vanessa’s collection you can see why she has been invited to New York and why she will be successful there. The level of embellishment on every dress, the attention to detail and cutting edge designs, not to mention the confidence of some gowns, means they scream to worn by those in the spotlight. It isn’t much of a stretch to see her gowns gracing a Kardashian or perhaps SJP when she steps out for her next red carpet and it would certainly be deserved. At the end of the parade was the briefest glimpse of the Hepburn collection which will be on show at NYFW – the two gowns shown were absolute masterpieces of sophistication and sexy style that will be a huge hit in the big apple.

As the champagne flowed after the runway show was complete, guests were able to chat with the team from When Freddie Met Lilly whilst enjoying delightful sweet treats from Judy C Cakes and leaving with an overflowing show bag from vendors who had contributed to the event. We are already looking forward to next years event and can’t wait to see what amazing show they have in store for us next…

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