Collection Launch Evening at Elizabeth de Varga

As the spring wedding season hit full steam, with the warmer weather and love in the air, we were excited to attend the collection launch and 30th birthday of Elizabeth de Varga Exclusive Fashion on Thursday 25 September.

The birthday celebrations coincided with the announcement that the original Elizabeth De Varga gowns are now joined by the White Collection and Adore Bridal Couture.

De Vargaโ€™s sublime new ranges are filled with sumptuous fabrics that exude style, complemented by extravagant adornments that take these stunning couture creations to new levels of chic.

It was hard, perhaps even unfair to pick a favourite, such was the attention to detail and care that had clearly gone into each piece. Head designer, Tammie Nitchkeโ€™s elegant sophisticated style was evident in every gown.

The warm and friendly staff are clearly a close knit team, providing a exceptional atmosphere for guests on the night, and one can only imagine how exciting and enjoyable they must make every fitting!

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