Your Carriage Awaits…

Nothing beats arriving and style, and the epitome of style has to be a Rolls Royce. Iron Horse Carriages can whisk you to your special day in luxury in a meticulously restored 1956 Rolls Royce or a fabulous “royal” Daimler – the favourite choice of HRH The Queen Mother. Ian, the owner of Iron Horse Carriages has a lifetime of driving experience in the most demanding environments and we caught up with him to ask about his best tips for your wedding day transport

  1. What piece of advice would you offer to brides when it comes to transport on their wedding day?
    Make sure allow plenty of time, don’t rush when travelling to the wedding venue. This is a time for both reflection and an opportunity to gather yourself. You’ve had numerous people pull you one direction then the other, all getting you ready for your day. Use this period of calm to relax and enjoy a little bit of you time. Make sure you can sit comfortably in your wedding dress, it’s hard to relax when you can’t breathe.
  2. What is your dream car?
    For a wedding, I think I have my dream car the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud 1. For driving myself, a Jaguar F Type, they are beautiful and a true drivers car.
  3. Where is your favourite Sunday drive?
    Driving through the northern gold coast hinterland, rolling hills, lovely views and some little café’s.
  4. What is your ideal transportation job/task?
    I’ve had a couple of these, they are the “surprise wedding transport” jobs. Where the bride has no idea her wedding car will be a luxury vintage classic car, when she see’s the flying lady on the grill and the beautiful rolled lines of the car, tears are not far behind.
  5. Why/When did you become an owner of a vintage car?
    I’ve always had a keen interest in the cars of the “Golden era of Motoring” the 40’s to the 60’s. Back then the design of cars was more about the journey than getting to the destination as quick as possible. I was constantly drawn to the style of the British marquee cars of that era, when an opportunity to buy a 1946  Mark IV Jaguar came up then , I bought another Jaguar, and the bug had certainly bitten by then.


  • What are you most proud of?
    Turning a passion of luxury marquee cars into a business, I’ve had to spend many many hours working on the cars to get them up to showroom condition, but that’s what I love and the fact that I can share that with others is a real joy.
  • Have you worked with any celebrities?
    Celebrities – yes but I have signed over disclosure agreements so no names. I have been involved with Vice Regal engagements, 2 engagements with HRH Prince Phillip and some other high profile dignitaries. Not much call for that now with the security increase requirements, pity as they are lovely to work for.
  • What’s your favourite movie?
    Either Red or Red 2
  • What’s your favourite cuisine, or your favourite place to dine?
    My wife is a brilliant cook so, at home on the deck overlooking the river, watching the sunset, eating whatever she has made drinking a fine wine, bliss.
  • Where’s your favourite place to get coffee?
    Dili, Timor Leste, but when not there, I go to the “Dancing Bean Expresso Bar” in Ipswich, it’s tucked away behind a German Restaurant, so it’s still a little secret.
  • What are you reading?
    Just finished reading “Everything to live for” by Turia Pitt. A True story of a beautiful young woman burnt beyond recognition doing an outback running race in WA, inspiring stuff.
  • Where is your ideal getaway?
    This is easy, a quiet luxury tropical island resort.
  • Are you a cat or dog person?
    Definitely a dog person, love my chocolate Labrador. Some people have a black lab, or a yellow lab, I have a meth lab, he’s crazy but he’s my crazy.
  • What inspires or motivates you? 
    I run a Not for Profit organisation working with injured and ill veterans, seeing these girls and guys work through their injuries and illnesses and get better lives, drives me on every day.


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Photo credit: Masterpieces Photography + Video

Arrive in regal style on your wedding day

1FB_IMG_1460253757679If you want to arrive at your wedding ceremony in style and sophistication then nothing beats a classic vintage car and we’re taking a trip back to more elegant and opulent times with Ian from Iron Horse Carriages.
Ian is a firm believer in the philosophy that a driver should really be ‘a Butler who drives’, and that a true Chauffeur provides much more than just a comfortable ride from A to B.
Ian developed his passion for classic British cars at an early age, with the sinuous scrolling lines of the bodywork and gleaming chrome leaving a long lasting impression. As an engineer, Ian’s skill has enabled him to transform these grand old ladies of the classic motoring age into stunning showroom-quality marques that evoke memories of hollywood’s golden age. Meticulous attention to detail keeps his stable of automotive thoroughbreds in tiptop fettle, with parts and original, period fittings sourced from artisan suppliers in the UK.
Having been part of many weddings, Ian has some useful tips for couples wanting to make the most of their transport experience, suggesting that couples take the time to sit in the car, make sure they are comfortable and talk to their photographer about how to incorporate it into their wedding photos. He wants couples to love every minute of being in the car and encourages them to have fun and to enjoy being the focus of bystanders and passerby’s attention which automatically comes when you travel in an elegant classic car. His only words of caution are to be aware of steep, or tight approaches to your venue that the Chauffeur needs to be prepared for (heavy classic cars aren’t as nimble as your Corolla), and for girls to take his advice on the most elegant method of entering and exiting the car in large hooped or layered dresses, especially if the weather is a little inclement!
At the end of the day though, Ian and his team of Chauffeurs are consummate professionals who have been trained to deal with just about every situation you could encounter on a wedding day and are there to make sure you have the most special day you possibly can. They will ensure that you get not only to the church on time, but also to the photo session, the reception and possibly your honeymoon flight at the end of the night too. And all in the absolute epitome of classic, regal style! To reinforce this, Ian has this last little gem “Remember that the bride who is travelling in a classic car is never early or late, they are the only person who is exactly on time!”. So just like a Princess, which is exactly as it should be on your wedding day!

Love me, Love my car

The leafy, semi-rural suburb of Brookfield proved a glorious backdrop for this divine couple and a very stylish Rolls Royce.

Whether you, or your partner, are complete rev-heads, or you simply want to arrive at your venue in style then classic cars can be a luxury well worth the money. The legends of the motoring industry make for fabulous props in your photos too, giving your photographer a whole range of additional creative opportunities.

Whilst the classics (think Rollers, Jags and Mercs), look the best, some modern motors look great too, and in the right location, especially in vibrant, urban locations, limousines can be the perfect choice, especially when you have a large bridal party to transport and parking is tricky.

Of course in Australia you can’t go past classic Holdens and Fords, particularly the muscle cars, but always be aware that many lack air-conditioning and that space in the back, particularly with a big dress, can be a little tight.

Whatever your taste, there will be a four wheel solution that complements your style and your budget and does so much more than just get you to the church on time.

Photo Credits:
Photography: Masterpieces Photography + Video
Gown: George Wu
Suit: When Freddie Met Lilly
Rolls Royce: Somerton Limousines
Hair: House of Zion
Makeup: Kelly Weavers
Lighting: AV Ideas
Flowers: Pollen Florist
Models: Boss Models


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Arrive in Style

GGLimos_003If you are looking for quality and experience from your wedding transport then you can’t go past Golden Gate Limousines. Having operated in Queensland for over 20 years, Golden Gate Limos are one of the longest operating limousine service in the region.  Their fleet of vehicles range from seven seaters through to the 11 seater Chryslers and 13 seater Ford super stretch cars to fit the whole bridal party.

Comfort and trust are the trends for 2015. With increasingly unpredictable weather in Queensland, it’s important to have all the options covered and air conditioned comfort can be a big factor on a warm and humid summer’s day, giving you chance to refresh and relax.

Another big trend we have seen is the desire for understated class. Couples want a limousine service that is stylish and elegant.

The gender roles of wedding decision making are on the move more than ever before too, with the ladies deciding on the mode of transport, and wedding limos are one of the most popular choices amongst brides. Super stretch limos often work out more convenient, and can be more economical with more people in each vehicle. It also makes for a fun day, shared with the whole bridal party on the journey together.

Trust is a massive factor too, especially with the entry into the market of lots of new operators. We are proud to have the reliability of the largest fleet of limos, having operated in South East Queensland for over 20 years.