How to keep your groom engaged in wedding planning


In most situations, it is the groom who instigates the wedding planning process when he gets down on one knee and utters those long awaited words. But very soon after that initial thrill (and maybe a little terror), of the proposal, the admiring looks of the ring on your finger and the endless retelling of your love story for cooing family and friends, it quickly becomes apparent to most grooms that weddings are all about the bride! Like it was ever going to be any other way! The sad truth is that most blokes simply aren’t that interested in the nitty gritty of centrepieces, coordinated stationery and chair cover colours and for many the wedding planning process quickly loses it’s lustre. If your H2B isn’t in this category then you can rejoice and enjoy the choices you make together in this time. However, if you’re not quite so lucky, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to keep your groom motivated and invested in your wedding planning.

  1. Book a meaningful venue. Make sure your groom is happy with the ceremony and reception venues. A mutual choice will mean so much more to both of you on the day. The reception usually takes up the largest portion of the budget so being on the same page will definitely start the planning off in the right direction.
  2. Book into food tasting opportunities. Enjoy the fun that comes with planning a wedding together. Book in to taste your wedding cake, and your reception menu and, with most guys loving a feed, they will find the time to fit it into their schedule.
  3. Choose the right wedding events. Attend smaller more intimate wedding open days or expos with your fiancé, and leave the large, full-on, wedding expos to enjoy with your bridesmaids. There are a growing number of events for grooms too. So if he’s into whisky tasting, or learning how to tie the perfect bow tie, this could be the perfect opportunity to introduce a new venue option.
  4. Don’t sweat the little things and compromise. What’s important to your groom should be important to you. So if he prefers a certain wine to be served, or band to play, then make sure you consider his suggestions. The wedding you’ve dreamed of now has the most important element, your perfect partner, so all the other things should be open to compromise. A little latitude with the big ticket items will make it much easier to push through your smaller choices.
  5. Guest list and seating plans. Who gets invited and where they sit is a huge part of enjoying the celebrations. So make your groom’s life easy and consider his family and friends, just as you do yours. Both of you will be much more relaxed if you avoid contentious issues raising their heads at the reception.
  6. Photos! Guys are much less likely to enjoy having their photo taken, so make sure your partner is comfortable with the choice of photographer. Consider booking an engagement or pre-wedding shoot so he has the chance to get to know your photographer and becomes more relaxed with the idea of being in front of the camera for the day.

Most of these points are relevant even if your partner is 100% interested in the planning process. As you join your lives together consider your partner and how you can both enjoy the day with your family and friends.

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What not to say to a bride on her wedding day

M&D Wedding114-2A bride’s wedding day is an emotionally charged marathon. The bride isn’t just marrying the love of their life, they’ve spent many months preparing and planning for their perfect day. This precious day was likely preceded by a restless or possibly sleepless night, started early with a morning appointment with hair and makeup, involves simultaneous nerves, stress and elation, and usually finishes late, probably under the influence of a glass or two of bubbles!

If you’re privileged to be part of the wedding day preparations or to be attending a wedding then think before you speak. Here’s some hints on what NOT to say:

  1. “Don’t worry but …” No explanation need for this one.
  2. “What a pity …” See point one.
  3. “I told you so …” The phrase most likely to result in wedding day bloodshed!
  4. “I’m surprised you invited … or didn’t invite …” We all know family and friends can be a sensitive issue. A wedding day is the time to forget any past issues, and to enjoy the moment for the happy couple.
  5. And finally, any mention of unhappy endings. We all know the statistics on divorce, but this really isn’t the time or place!

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Choosing your Photographer

This is a big task, as we all know it is the memories that will last forever from your special day.  We asked Dave Wall from Masterpieces Photography + Video to give our brides a little guidance in this area.  Here are his four helpful tips.


You have to have a connection with your photographer, you have to trust your photographer and have looked at their past work. You should have the confidence that your chosen photographer will deliver your dream wedding album and that there is a consistency in their work. Why? Well, it’s this simple, if you get the right photographer, every time you look through your wedding images, you know you made absolutely the right decision.

You need to know how your photographer will approach your day. Will they give time to you before the day in order to talk through timings and get to know you better as individuals? Do they offer an E-Shoot so that they can get to know you and you get to know how they work. A professional photographer will never show you an image they are not 100% happy with and an e-shoot will prove that to you.

Choosing the right wedding photographer is like choosing your dress, deep down you just know when it feels right. If you don’t feel a real connection and sense of trust from your photographer then perhaps you should look elsewhere. Your photographer’s personality is critical in your decision making, as you will want to spend the many hours of your big day with someone who you like, not just tolerate.

Professionals don’t take chances!

Your photographer should impress you both personally and by showing their work. You should be able to feel your photographers’ passion for wedding photography and you should walk away from your meetings feeling genuinely excited about your wedding day photography. You should feel an immediate connection to your photographer and a confidence in their abilities, both technically and creatively. You will know that your professional photographer will deliver what you expect, based on their track record and by the way they set out how the day’s photography will go. Ultimately, if your photographer listens to you and what you imagined for your wedding day and can incorporate your wishes into their style then you are on to a winner. Remember, your wedding day will be one of the happiest you will ever experience and by choosing the right photographer you know you will be very proud to show off your wedding album images-as you will look fantastic!

Check with your photographer about how they are backed up for your wedding. By this I mean number of cameras and lenses, flashguns etc. Back up equipment is an insurance policy in the event of technical failure and is a critical issue for wedding photographers. A real professional will never go out with less than two of absolutely everything and often more and will have the experience to adapt and overcome any problems that may arise.

MasterpiecesPV3It’s your day and a professional photographer knows this. 

Your chosen photographer is there to take photographs of your special day and they should always remember that this is your wedding not theirs. Your photographer is there to produce high quality photographs, but also to make sure each couple get through the day with minimal fuss and stress. They should make sure that moments are captured unobtrusively and naturally. Your photographer will give you subtle direction to ensure they capture those shots that you have dreamed about. A professional photographer will understand the style and flow of your wedding and work closely with you to capture it with creativity, imagination and by working with you and your guests rather than dictating to them.

Can you afford not to?

Let’s look at it another way – you have spent money on an amazing wedding cake, the best venue, beautiful flowers, seat covers, table gifts and gorgeous cars – how will you remember all that when the day is done. Memories fade and Weddings tend to pass in a blur.  What needs to be considered is whether you should spend a little less on things such as these and budget adequately for professional photographs. It is you and you alone who can determine what is most important.  Most of the spend on a wedding will be immediate in terms of impact, but your wedding photographs will have impact for much much longer, especially if you have a professional take your treasured images and they make you and your wedding look amazing.