How to create an unplugged wedding

How often do you check your social media? No, honestly!

If you’re like a quarter of all Australians aged between 18 to 29, you check your feed up to 5 times a day! And that’s the average!

Unplugged WeddingWhen it comes to your wedding though, do you want your family and friends seeing your ceremony through a sea of smartphones like a concert? And do you really want the wannabe Insta food critics dissecting your reception buffet before you’ve finished your main? No? Then it might be time for a social media blackout!

Going unplugged for hour or two can feel like having to disconnect with their life for some people, so 8-12 hours at a wedding can feel like a lifetime. However, if you really want your guests to be truly present on your day, and not recording it to watch later (which, let’s be honest, they never do!), it’s becoming an increasingly popular request.

Here are some top tips on how to a social media free wedding day

  1. An early, and polite, notification. Set the tone from day one and let your guests know your expectations by including a card that explains the blackout with your invitations or on your wedding website.
  2. On the day. Have a fun or quirky sign that reminds your guests you want them to enjoy the day too, and to put down their phones, and be in the moment.
  3. Explain. Let your guests know when it’s okay to post about your wedding. If you want to post the first photo then let them know that. And let them know when that is going to be too! Setting the guidelines you would like will help your guests feel more comfortable. Your celebrant can make an announcement before the service and MC is the perfect person to remind everyone at the reception.
  4. Don’t stop the fun. Don’t stop your guest taking photographs of themselves and your loved ones. Make sure they know they can take photos, just not post them. Your ceremony maybe off limits for photos too, but only so your guests are in the moment.
  5. Now you need to trust your guests. If you constantly check their feeds you’ll drive yourself crazy. The whole point of a social media free wedding is to be in the moment. So relax and enjoy.