Real Life Wedding: Sarah and Peter

PeterSarah035-35A chance meeting at the dog park led to love for Sarah & Peter who married recently in a surprise wedding at Eaton’s Hill Hotel.
This fun loving couple soon realised they had much more in common than just a love of Staffy x Ridgeback dogs and, in a romantic moment in a spa in the Whitsundays, Peter took his chance and popped the question to a delighted Sarah.
Of course, that meant it was time to plan the perfect wedding day, however, Sarah quickly realised that the big dream wedding wasn’t going to be her thing and the couple decided to think about alternative options. As Sarah rightly says “it’s all about you and your fiancé making a promise to each other for life”. The couple made the bold decision to hold a surprise wedding at what they had planned to be their engagement party with just a handful of their closest family and friends and then hold a big party for everyone else a little down the track.
As you will see from the gorgeous photos from the talented team at Masterpieces Photography + Video, the day turned out to be a massive success, with everyone having an absolutely wonderful time at Eaton’s Hill Hotel. Whilst a few people were in on the surprise, Sarah and Peter did a great job in keeping the majority of guests guessing until the very last minute. Sarah even jokes “Pete and I caught an Uber to the hotel and told the driver we were getting married in an hour but even he didn’t believe us!”.
The couple plan to honeymoon at Caloundra in early spring and are holding a big party to celebrate their nuptials at the same time. Sarah’s advice for other brides-to-be is quite simple “get married exactly how you and your partner want to and don’t listen to anyone else”. Sensible words we think!

Marriage means to us

Spending the rest of your life running amuck with your best friend.


Wedding suppliers

Wedding Location: Eaton’s Hill Hotel Brisbane
Bridal Gown: Alfred Angelo
Bridal Shoes: Guess
Bridal Makeup & Hair: Bek Robinson Makeup and Hair
Stationery: Kristen Dangerfield
Flowers: One Stop Wedding Shop
Celebrant: Louise Thompson

Backdrop to Romance

An urban industrial background is transformed by an arbour, decorated by lush green foliage and a modern string curtain that provides a soothing, rhythmic flow framing the bride and groom. This is the perfect way to disguise and soften harsh backdrops or bring focus back to the bride and groom on a more open landscape

This is the perfect way to disguise and soften harsh backdrops or bring focus back to the bridal couple on a more open landscape.

Photo Credits:
Backdrop: Sugared Style
Photography: Masterpieces Photography + Video
Gown: Darb Bridal Couture
Suit: When Freddie met Lilly
Hair: Whisk Hair
Makeup: Jess Brailak Makeup and Tanning
Venue: Mirra Private Dining and Events
Models: Laura and Billy




Breathtaking Bridal Experience

EDV-1Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Tammie Nitschke, the head designer at Elizabeth deVarga Exclusive Fashions, to discuss our collaboration on an upcoming photo shoot. We had a wonderful chat and it was fantastic to be on the same page as such a creative person with passion for the industry. There will be much more coming up involving the stunning gowns and accessories from Elizabeth deVarga in the next edition of the The Wedding Alley.

The chat with Tammie was great but it was the real experience watching a future bride have her final fitting in the most stunning gown that left a warm fuzzy feeling inside. As soon as the bride, Terri, walked out I gasped. A made to measure gown just has something. It’s perfect for each bride. Not only did I love the design, and the fabric, and every little thing about this gown, but the drawcard was the bride’s face. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun, and she had regular, everyday makeup on – but she looked absolutely stunning. The glow in her cheeks, and the light in her eyes said everything.

Watching the pure joy of this bride was like a drug. I wanted more.

EDV-2Of course I had to compliment her, and the gown, and in doing so had the pleasure of a conversation about her upcoming wedding. It was very easy to get drawn into the excitement of Terri’s day. The gown was in front of me – no imagination necessary. The icing on the cake, however, was the details of this destination wedding. This lucky bride was just about to head off to France for an idyllic European wedding. Anyone who follows this blog, and our website will know I am a total Francophile. If it’s French I’m there. It’s my most favourite country in the world.

I walked away for this encounter with a skip in my step. Not only do I have the plans for an absolutely amazing photo shoot with the most stunning gowns, but I experienced the joy of someone’s wedding planning and a saw a big part of the wedding preparation that I don’t get to see that often. What a privilege. My head is in cloud nine, and I’m hoping that Terri will send us some of her wedding photos. I’m sure you’d like to see them, and I know I would.

Love Locks Conflict

PontNeuf2_NewWhat do you think love locks or no love locks?  Earlier this year I posted about the love locks that adorn many brides in Paris, and Europe.  At the time I thought it was beautiful, and a huge sparkling sign of love. Now I’m conflicted.  The locks are spreading, and a new campaign against the locks has started – No Love Locks.  I’m still not sure what I think.  I love the idea of a gesture to amen love ever after, however is the beauty of bridges in cities such as Paris becoming the cost?

Here’s the BBC’s latest article, and a link to our previous blog post.

Our contributor’s opinions:

“Personally – against. Romantic, but to the detriment, possibly long term, to these structures that have withstood centuries of history, Here’s a better idea for eternal love – name a star.” – Dave Wall, Masterpieces Photography + Video

“I understand the romance behind the locks and the symbol behind the locks, however I have to agree that it has gone too far and historic landmarks are now becoming ugly and becoming damaged.
Love is a powerful thing, however you can symbolise your love in other ways than defacing historic landmarks that should be treasured and admired by everyone not just couples in love.” – Joanne Hasson, JK Couture Designs

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