Ekka celebrates Fashion

Ekka_Rush005-12The maxim says “Things get better with age”, and that’s certainly true for the Ekka, which is currently celebrating it’s 139th year.
The extensive redevelopment programme of the showgrounds is coming ever closer to completion and the venue is looking increasing elegant with the whole event feeling much easier to navigate again.
This year’s show displays the ever increasing sophistication and broader appeal that has been evident over the past few years and we were lucky enough to secure front-row seats to the always fabulous Natural Fibres Fashion Parade.
The parade itself is enjoying a milestone of it’s own this year, with Brisbane fashion legend Lindsay Bennett celebrating his 25th year of directing Australia’s longest running free public fashion parade.
We attended on the second day of the show and it was wonderful to see crowds queueing to grab seats, ample evidence of a passion for fashion in Brisbane.
The catwalk show opened with a creative, informative and highly enjoyable history reel that took the audience on a brief history of the Ekka, before the opening segment, a stunning retrospective of designs from leading couturiers involved in the parades over the past 25 years.
This year’s show was a true catwalk event, with exquisite choreography and bubbly, vivacious models who were clearly enjoying the experience. The highly polished parade featured a unique mix of emerging talent and iconic brands, with stunning outfits and millinery for every conceivable occasion.
A spectacular, high-split gown with see-through red lace bodice and flowing skirt from the always edgy George Wu was one of my favourite pieces from the current collections on show.
The grace and feminity of the Darb Couture bridal gown in the retrospective segment showed the timeless elegance of Brad Webb’s creations and why he’s one of Brisbane’s leading couturiers.
You really don’t want to miss out on this show and if you haven’t been yet, you’ve still got time to get along and enjoy this wonderful spectacle before the Ekka closes on Sunday 14th August.
Retrospective Gowns from the past 25 years included: Keri Craig, Anthony Leigh Dower, Grbac, Maiocchi, Tengdahl, Paul Hunt, Darb Couture, Pia du Pradal, Cotton Wool, Sacha Drake, Bora and George Wu.
The parade included fashions from Sacha Drake, White Label Noba, Hunt + Kelly, Maiocchi, Bags by Louenhide, TAFE Queensland Brisbane, QUT Fashion School, Tengdahl, The Irma J Smith House of Fashion, Pia du Pradal, Darb Couture, George Wu and Paul Hunt.
Production Credits:
Executive Producer – Lindsay Bennett
Parade Stylist – Kimberley Gardner
Choreographer – Bernadette Bagley
Lighting & Audio – Microhire
Projection Screens – Microhire
Set Design – Iceworks Design
Hair Stylists – CorCorz Hair
Video Production – TPD Media
Stage – Corporate Stage Solutions

Ekka Fashion is a Circus

This year’s Natural Fibres Fashion Parade at the Ekka followed the trend for circus skills with an entertaining themed runway event. Following in the footsteps of Cirque du Soleil and Absinthe who have wowed us already this year, the bar has been set high. This parade really did cater for the diverse Ekka crowds, from country kids children through to Brisbane fashionistas and even the reluctant Queensland bloke.

Presented by Cotton Australia, the eclectic collection of designers provides the perfect taste of some of Queensland’s premier designers and upcoming newcomers. First seen in 1980, the longest running fashion parade in Australia promised a show we wouldn’t forget and with Lindsay Bennett’s usual aplomb we weren’t disappointed. Using Queensland’s natural resources, the collections showcased cotton, wool and silk presented in an exciting demonstration of strength, flexibility and big top talent.

Royal Queensland Show
Natural Fibres Fashion Parade
Presented by Cotton Australia

Garments by

Darb Bridal Couture | Brides Desire by Wendy Sullivan | Paul Hunt | The Irma J Smith House of Fashion | Pia du Pradal| Tengdahl | Will Valour | White Label Noba | Sacha Drake | Maiocchi | Urbbana | Easton Pearson | Soot | Gail Sorronda | Ubermen | Jack Sullivan | George Wu | Bora | The Cloakroom

Executive Producer: Lindsay Bennett
Choreographer: Bernadette Bagel
Parade Stylist: Kimberley Gardner
Circus Artists: Majestic Artists
Aerial Rigger: Rigcom Access
Lightening and Audio: Microhire
Projection Screens: Microhire
Hair Stylists: CorCorz Hair
Make Up: Napoleon Perdis
Video Production: TPD Media
Theming: Staging Dimensions
Stage: Corporate Staging

Ekka Nights

We had our own exciting August evening last night with an incredible night shoot for the next edition of The Wedding Alley magazine. The feature will showcase stunning gowns from When Freddie Met Lilly who are showing their new collection at New York Fashion Week in September. Vanessa’s gowns are the epitome of sexy sophistication – perfect for a multitude of occasions, from cocktail style wedding to red carpet soirée. Dave Wall from Masterpieces Photography + Video weaved his usual magic at some iconic Brisbane locations before wrapping up overlooking side-show alley at the Ekka. Models, Laura and Scott, were encouraged to play the role of star-crossed lovers in front of the ferris wheel, styling the shot more like an engagement shoot to reflect the many marriage proposals that take place there every year.

For your own special engagement photography session, make a time to speak with Dave at Masterpieces Photography + Video.

You can view When Freddie Met Lilly’s Spring Bridal and Bridesmaid Belle Collection Launch on 27th August. Visit their website, or email to receive an invitation.

Photo Credit:
Gown and Suit: When Freddie Met Lilly | Photography: Masterpieces Photography + Video | Hair and Makeup: Makeup by Mieko | Models: Laura and Scott

Ekka Fashion Fancy

It’s goodbye to the Ekka for 2014. 

If you didn’t get the opportunity to go then here’s my recap of my favourite free event – the Commonwealth Bank Wrapped in Natural Fibres Fashion Parade. This year was especially good with gorgeous wedding gowns from one of our all-time favourite designers, George Wu, as well as the dreamy creations of Jack Sullivan Bridal, Brides Desire by Wendy Sullivan, Darb Bridal Couture. Guys were equally well catered for with stylish men’s suits by Will Valour, Calibre and Pistols at Dawn.

The mix of accessories, millinery and footwear combined to make a fun and relaxed parade that showcased great designs for all demographics, with colour and energy for all the children, and a touch of panache to satisfy the true fashionista.

An iconic event that captures the integration of the city and country, the parade aims to celebrate Queensland’s agricultural industry and the talent of our local designers.

If this is a glimpse of the Queensland fashion industry I think we have every reason to feel very proud.  It also builds the excitement ahead of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane. So there’s more to come…


Commonwealth Bank Wrapped in Natural Fibres Fashion Parade
Executive Producer – Lindsay Bennett
Choreographer – Bernadette Bagley
Parade Stylist – Kimberly Gardner
Lighting & Audio – Projections Screens – Microhire
Hair Stylists – Corcorz
Makeup – Napoleon Perdis
Video Production – Channel 7
Set Design – Staging dimensions
Chandeliers – Chandeliers to die for