Gowns that your Grandmother might not like

Your grandma might not approve but there is a definite trend towards bridal gown designs that might cause blushes amongst earlier generations. Figure hugging sheer fabrics and see-through lace are now no longer the preserve of Hollywood sirens with a daring range of plunging necklines and low backs now de-rigeur in most modern collections. Skin is most certainly in!
Are you confident enough to strut in these stunning gowns from some of our favourite


The Great Wedding Cover-Up

CTWedding179-2So, you’ve found the dress of your dreams, but there’s one decision to make – it’s going to show off your ink.

Should you celebrate your free spirit and the choices you have made, or bow to the conformists and find an outfit that covers your tattoo?

In today’s wedding scene tattoos are a feature and no longer have the stigma attached to them they once did and so why should you hide yours? Of course bridal gowns can display significantly more skin than your normal clothes would and it may be that your normally discreet, and possibly private, tattoo will be seen by those for whom it wasn’t intended. You could choose a dress style that covers more, but is that really your style?

It is interesting to note that several models at the recent MBFF Bridal Show had prominent ink, something which would have been unheard of in years gone past, so it is clear that diversity is being celebrated as it should.

Recent stats from a UK wedding survey show that over 70% of brides with tattoos choose a dress that shows off their body, whilst nearly 75% claim that their ink influenced wedding choices from stationery design through to the cake! The survey also reported that over 50% of couples planned to follow in the footsteps of Beyonce and Jay-Z by marking their wedding with a tattoo!

At the end of day we think that your marriage, just like your tattoos, are a life commitment and you should celebrate them both. Don’t go covering up for the sake of modesty – celebrate all of you and enjoy YOUR day!

Shabi & Israel 2015 Bridal Collection

Whether it’s London Fashion Week, or MBFF here in Brisbane, the Wedding Alley are incredibly fortunate to amongst the first to see some amazing designer’s new creations from all around the world. From the ancient lands of the middle-east, Shabi and Israel’s 2015 Bridal Collection is feminine and sexy. Their latest collection features delicate lace, stunning embellishments and utilises the train to dramatic new levels. Their stunning designs highlight the sexy curves of the feminine form and their creations are chic and of the moment.

Fashion house Shabi and Israel opened in 2010, and their 2015 bridal collection is beautiful and sensuous.

Be still your beating heart as you fall in love with these gorgeous creations.