Bridal Veil 101

Masterpieces Photography + Video at Jimbour HouseMany brides today are forgoing the tradition of bridal veils and choosing headpieces, flower crowns and bejewelled adornments, but we want to champion the tradition of the bridal veil.

Once believed to ward off evil spirits, it was Queen Victoria who popularised veils in the 1800s and since then they have drifted in and out of fashion.

Just like your wedding dress itself though, this is only time you get to wear this dramatic and spectacular article of clothing, so why wouldn’t you?

The one universal fact about veils is that they can flatter your figure, by elongating your body. The length of your veil, your body shape and your bridal gown need to complement each other for the perfect look. Test out a variety of options and see what works best with your gown. You want a veil to complement your overall silhouette, not break the flow of your look.

If you have a daringly low back, intricate cut out or delicate lace detail on the back of your gown, the veil provides some modesty for the ceremony, whilst removing it later takes your gown into party mode in one easy move.

Your veil can be an individual as your gown. If you are getting your gown designed and made for you, the designer may also tailor the veil to you.

We spoke to Linda Brewster from Gowns of Elegance who said that 80% of her brides still chose a veil to complement their dress. Linda said “Brides today are inspired by the spectacular shots they see on Pinterest, with cathedral length veils particularly popular because of the photographic opportunities they present. The veil that will float on the wind, create shimmery movement or drape over people, cars and so on is fantastic for the creative photographers and videographers out there”.

So before you toss away the idea of a veil here are some options for the length of your veil.

Bridal Veil Graphic

So let’s hear it for the humble veil – that flattering, fluttering piece of tulle or lace that can become the perfect photographic prop – and that’s before we add any of the embellishments that make a modern veil so unique.

Illustration by Watermelon and Soda Design
Images by Masterpieces Photography and Video