Can the world cup be good for your relationship?

Are the early mornings watching the world cup straining your relationship?  Would you rather sleep in, and not get up at 4am to watch Uruguay vs Costa Rica? Yes – I know the feeling.  As you slowly drift off to the land of sleep, trying to look interested in a nil nil score, only to be blasted awake by screams of joy when the right team scores, or fits of rage when the wrong team does.


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I do have some benefits that have come to my attention while looking at all things Brazillian. Carnevale is now on my list of to dos, and I now know the benefits of Brazil nuts. So while I may be tired, and have bags under my eyes, my nails are on the improve.  According to the Cleveland Clinic these wonder nuts contain selenium, which is great for the condition of your nails.  So in the lead up to your big day, if you’re wanting natural strong and healthy fingernails add Brazil nuts to your diet.


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To combat the tired eyes try carrots, which are rich in beta-carotene, a great nutrient for tired eyes. Carrots are well known for their link with eye health, but other foods that will benefits your eyes are kale, sweet potato, pink grapefruit, pumpkin and cantaloupe.