Keeping your wedding cool

belvedere008With the full-on summer weather at the moment, it’s not just the final details of your wedding planning that might be getting you a little hot under the collar.

For anyone tying the knot under these blazing summer skies we’ve got some tips to help alleviate the heat and let you, and your guests, enjoy the bluest skies the season can offer…

Water, water and more water

Make sure that you, and your bridal party have plenty of water on hand throughout the preparation and the photo session. Dehydration is your worst enemy and will rob you of your energy at precisely the time you want to be enjoying things the most.

Provide water and fruit juice stations for your guests, especially if you are having an outdoor ceremony. Having water available will also reduce alcohol consumption and keep things more even-tempered, especially if it is a sticky humid evening.

Don’t forget your furbabies. Make sure that your pets, whether involved in the ceremony or not, are well cared for. It will be one less thing for you to stress about on the day if you are confident that they are being spoilt and totally looked after.

It might help to calm or nerves, or you might think it will help you sleep, but drinking the night before your wedding is not advisable. The thing that makes the heat even more unbearable is a hangover, so make sure you, and your groom, moderate the partying the night before the big day. You’ll enjoy the big day so much more and will have the stamina get to the real party.

Don’t be late

brookfield-shoot_333At any other time of the year it’s always acceptable for the bride to be fashionably late (10 minutes or so), but at the height of summer, with your groom and guests waiting under a blazing sun or inside without aircon, you won’t win friends by keeping people waiting. If you are planning on an outside ceremony perhaps provide sunscreen for your guests  – you can wear foundation and moisturiser with sunscreen but it’s a great idea to make sure your groom takes precautions too – you don’t want a sunburnt partner in your photos, or on the honeymoon.

Having an order of service that doubles as a fan is an ingenious solution that looks great and helps everyone keep their cool.

Keep it shady

kimryanwedding-235The more shade you provide for guests the more they will love you, but the same goes for your bridal party too – they have to be outside for the photo session too. Think about parasols, umbrellas or fans – they make great props as well providing some much-needed protection from the sun.

If you follow these simple rules you’ll be able to make the most of this wonderful summer weather while it lasts, enjoy your day in the sun and have a wedding that everyone remembers for the right reasons.

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Groom’s jacket wins us

We love Bryce Harper’s jacket!

This baseball player played lined his tuxedo with photos of the couple’s engagement.



How to keep your groom engaged in wedding planning


In most situations, it is the groom who instigates the wedding planning process when he gets down on one knee and utters those long awaited words. But very soon after that initial thrill (and maybe a little terror), of the proposal, the admiring looks of the ring on your finger and the endless retelling of your love story for cooing family and friends, it quickly becomes apparent to most grooms that weddings are all about the bride! Like it was ever going to be any other way! The sad truth is that most blokes simply aren’t that interested in the nitty gritty of centrepieces, coordinated stationery and chair cover colours and for many the wedding planning process quickly loses it’s lustre. If your H2B isn’t in this category then you can rejoice and enjoy the choices you make together in this time. However, if you’re not quite so lucky, we’ve compiled a list of the best ways to keep your groom motivated and invested in your wedding planning.

  1. Book a meaningful venue. Make sure your groom is happy with the ceremony and reception venues. A mutual choice will mean so much more to both of you on the day. The reception usually takes up the largest portion of the budget so being on the same page will definitely start the planning off in the right direction.
  2. Book into food tasting opportunities. Enjoy the fun that comes with planning a wedding together. Book in to taste your wedding cake, and your reception menu and, with most guys loving a feed, they will find the time to fit it into their schedule.
  3. Choose the right wedding events. Attend smaller more intimate wedding open days or expos with your fiancé, and leave the large, full-on, wedding expos to enjoy with your bridesmaids. There are a growing number of events for grooms too. So if he’s into whisky tasting, or learning how to tie the perfect bow tie, this could be the perfect opportunity to introduce a new venue option.
  4. Don’t sweat the little things and compromise. What’s important to your groom should be important to you. So if he prefers a certain wine to be served, or band to play, then make sure you consider his suggestions. The wedding you’ve dreamed of now has the most important element, your perfect partner, so all the other things should be open to compromise. A little latitude with the big ticket items will make it much easier to push through your smaller choices.
  5. Guest list and seating plans. Who gets invited and where they sit is a huge part of enjoying the celebrations. So make your groom’s life easy and consider his family and friends, just as you do yours. Both of you will be much more relaxed if you avoid contentious issues raising their heads at the reception.
  6. Photos! Guys are much less likely to enjoy having their photo taken, so make sure your partner is comfortable with the choice of photographer. Consider booking an engagement or pre-wedding shoot so he has the chance to get to know your photographer and becomes more relaxed with the idea of being in front of the camera for the day.

Most of these points are relevant even if your partner is 100% interested in the planning process. As you join your lives together consider your partner and how you can both enjoy the day with your family and friends.

Image: Masterpieces Photography + Video

We love this – wooden bow ties

Something for the groom …

It can be hard to find something both unique and stylish for the groom at your wedding.

It is easy to find the kitch and geeky, but let’s be honest, that’s not style.

It’s a joke that can often goes wrong.

Even if your man doesn’t like shopping, and trying on suits sounds like torture, there’s a new trend that he’ll love – the wooden bow tie.


So here’s the benefits:

  • You don’t have to learn how to tie a bow tie
  • they stay looking perfect no matter what you do
  • they are super stylish
  • they go with any suit
  • and we love them!

Head over to Issue Four of The Wedding Alley and see how amazing the wooden tie really does look.


Wooden bow tie from Thousand Island Dressing New Farm

Photo credit:
Photography – Masterpieces Photography + Video
Suit – When Freddie Met Lilly
Model – Sam – Katz Model Management

Groom Pressure?

According to a recent survey by Mintel, 32% of men are overwhelmed by wedding planning.  Fascinatingly, and perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the figure for women was only 42% – not really that much difference considering the majority-role society tends to assume women take in the planning of the nuptials.

So are man taking on more in the planning of weddings? According to Fiona O’Donnell, lifestyle and leisure analyst at Mintel says:

“As grooms take on a more active role in wedding planning, it’s understandable that their stress level surrounding these decisions will escalate. They aren’t exactly ‘groom-zillas,’ but they are feeling the pressure.”

Image Credit: Suit by When Freddie Met Lilly Photography by Masterpieces Photography Model - Trent
Image Credit:
Suit by When Freddie Met Lilly
Photography by Masterpieces Photography
Model – Trent

Here’s the real kicker though – men are having a say in the choice of the bridal gown! A hugely surprising 19% of grooms stated that they were solely or mostly responsible for selecting the bridal gown.  So where is tradition in this day and age?  For fans of Downtown Abbey, and the many similar costume dramas, it’s bad luck to see the groom before the wedding.  Have these long-held traditions been forgotten, or are we just disregarding them?

Well I’d like to think about the perfect day, and a big part of that is the thought of my soon to be husband seeing that first glimpse of me in the gown walking down the aisle.  Yes, my finance and I regularly discuss the finances, and I may have a limit to the expense of my gown, shoes, veil and accessories, but to me this is a purchase to be shared with my mum and closest friends.  They are the ones who’ll (hopefully) give me the good, and perhaps more importantly, the honest advice.  That’s the guidance a bride really needs.

So would I want my fiancé’s input into the choice of my perfect gown?  I think not.  So many of the males that I know would get it all wrong. Let’s face facts, if your fiancé gives you really great advice on dressing you might be inclined to think they were “batting for the other team”.  Sure, that’s an appalling generalisation, and there are certainly plenty of men with good dress sense, but more likely they have a wife or girlfriend who assists with the shopping and who lays out their clothes.  Am I cutting too close to the bone?  Or maybe I’ve got it completely wrong.

At the end of the day I want my finances’ opinion, but not necessarily on my dream dress. My fantasy is to look amazing and to have his jaw drop totally stunned by the gorgeous woman about to become his wife.