5 reasons to book a destination wedding

ANWedding322The carefree idea of a destination wedding is very alluring. The idea of marrying your sweetheart on a deserted beach, fringed by palm trees, with Tiki flares burning as the sun sets is just about as romantic dream as you can get.

The thought of combining a wonderful holiday with the magic of your wedding is a strong motivator for many people and with airfares at all time lows, here are just a couple more reasons for jetting off to paradise for your nuptial celebrations…

Have your wedding and honeymoon in one place
You are on honeymoon has soon as the formalities of the wedding are complete! No dragging yourself to the airport at 6am after a big party night and no 12 hour flight with a mild, mostly stress related hangover! The next morning, you can wake to your own private beach, have breakfast over a coral reef or catch the first lift to the ski field if that is your thing.


You’ll be bathed in the sunshine
Chances are that you are choosing a tropical location on a sandy beach. And even if it’s not a tropical island it could be a Mediterranean beach, or perhaps a French Chateau. Wherever it is you are picking somewhere that is spectacularly beautiful and made for weddings – let’s face it, you don’t travel 10,000 miles to get married in a dull, suburban registry office, unless you’re doing the whole Vegas wedding thing and that’s a completely different story! The weather is definitely a factor, and as long as you choose the right seasons you’ll probably bathe in the sunshine of perfection, or have picture-perfect pine trees fringed with powder if you’re a complete snow bunny and choose a mountain wedding.

It’s easier to budget
Because you are likely booking an all-inclusive package, you will know what your budget is from day one, especially if you stick with the standard options offered by your chosen destination. Airline baggage restrictions will limit the size and weight of the dress you take and most destination brides tend to choose simpler, less structured gowns which are more often than not cheaper too. Everybody involved is on holiday too, which makes for a much more relaxed atmosphere and means you can dispense with many of the unnecessary extras such as wedding favours, gifts for the bridal party and so on – it’s surprising how quickly the savings will add up! And then there is  the fact that you are getting your honeymoon as part of the deal as well – how good is that?

J&W Wedding148

The chance to refine your guest list
The perfect destination wedding is intimate and shared amongst your closest family and friends. It’s usually a big commitment for people to attend a destination wedding, which means the people who make the trip will be your very closest family and friends – no “plus ones” you’ve never met or distant cousins you last saw when you were 5 years old. The smaller guest list will keep things casual too and let you enjoy yourself even more.

Your wedding will be memorable
An exotic destination wedding is still a unique experience for most people and means that it will be one to be remembered for a long time. Everybody needs an excuse for a holiday and your family and friends will love you even more for giving them the opportunity to take a week or two off work and travel to paradise.

With ever more locations offering desirable nuptial options to globe-trotting couples, there is now a plethora of exotic resorts within reach of the savvy bride and the world is your oyster! Go out there and see what magic you can create with your own dream destination wedding.

Photo credit: Masterpieces Photography + Video

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