The Wedding favours not to give

Design: LaPapeterie | Photo: Masterpieces Photography + Video
Design: LaPapeterie | Photo: Masterpieces Photography + Video

Your wedding guests are excited to be celebrating your day, but always try to be a little considerate when contemplating your wedding favours. Not everyone wants to remember the day the same as you and your partner do. If you are spending your time and hard earned dollars on gifts then make them worthwhile, and not something that gets left on the table as people leave.

Here are some we think you should avoid:

Stubbie coolers – need we say more? We know they’re ocker and traditionally Australian, but really? The only exception to this rule might be if you are supplying bottled beer and the venue is a farm or otherwise rural location!

Personalised / monogramed ‘stuff’ Don’t be talked into giving something that has your names and date all over it. No one is using that again, except perhaps your parents, and probably only when you come over to visit.

Something meaningless just to tick the box. If you wouldn’t want it why would your guests? Just forget the whole idea, make sure your guests have an awesome time and save yourself the grief.

Things that usually come in sets – unless your guests are all coming as parties of six, and one person is taking the gifts home, they are getting dumped! Or politely lost! No one wants one individual glass, coaster or napkin ring. If an item normally comes as a set forget it.

Here are some the best Wedding favours we’ve seen recently:

Stationery Design: LaPapeterie | Photo: Masterpieces Photography + Video
Design: LaPapeterie | Photo: Masterpieces Photography + Video

Potted plants – okay, some people have brown thumbs and will kill them with kindness in a week or two, but chances are a green thumb will be on hand and take guardianship. They also look great on your tables and double as decoration. This makes them costs effective and pretty.

Jarred goodies – Grandma will love them, but so do we, especially when teamed with a cheesy tag line like ‘Meant to Bee’.

Chocolates and sweet things – who doesn’t love these. Nuff said! Mints are particularly good for the morning after…

Charity Donations – everyone will feel better by you giving someone else a helping hand.

One thought on “The Wedding favours not to give

  1. I do not want a plant. Messing with something with dirt in it in my good clothes, keeping the thing alive, putting up with the “cute” container. No thanks, I loved the part of a set coasters we got at one wedding. You always get two…you and your plus one… and they were a nice item. Jarred goodies are another no thank you. Why would I want that, especially if I am travelling to and from the wedding? And something personalized, like a phot frame with picture of the B&G would be a nice reminder of a good day.


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