Are you proposing on Feb 29?

Ok ladies, it’s almost here! That one elusive day that only comes once every 4 years. Yes, it’s a leap year, which means that on 29th February you can take charge and ask the big question.
Ever since the 5th Century, when, according to Irish legend, St Bridget made a complaint to St Patrick about the length of time it took a man to propose, there has been the tradition that women could ask for their partner’s hand in marriage once every four years on February 29th. Records from 13th Century Scotland appear to verify the legend, and even mention various penalties that could be imposed should the man refuse!

Of course in these enlightened times you really don’t have to wait for a random quadrennial date to take your relationship to the next level, but if you need an excuse, this may be the chance you’ve been waiting for.

After all, if you decide to wait, it’s four more years before you ‘officially’ have the chance again.
We wish you the perfect proposal, whatever that may mean to you and your partner.


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