We heart this – St Mary’s by the Sea

On our recent holiday adventures in North Queensland we stumbled across a picturesque chapel in Port Douglas.

We’re always intrigued by stories, and the history of this little chapel had us interested straight away.

As always, with history, there are a few conflicted facts, but from what we could find out the church was originally built in 1880, and opened in 1881 on Grant Street.

The cyclone on March 16, 1911 was the second in 5 weeks and destroyed much of Port Douglas and Mossman. The next life of St Mary’s started again when it was rebuilt in 1914.

Sadly, by 1986, St Mary’s was the only church left in Port Douglas. The Port Douglas Restoration Society, formally the ‘Save the Church’ Group worked with the local towns people and the council to relocate the church to it’s current position near Sugar Wharf.

The chapel now holds many weddings and is a historic and beautiful part of Port Douglas’s history.

Just another stunning location in Queensland for a destination wedding.

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