Top Tips for your Save the Date cards

Before you rush into the post office with your beautifully printed Save the Date cards think about the important elements they must include. We asked the team at LaPapeterie Design and Stationery about the essentials of a Save the Date card.

“Think from your guests point of view, and what they need to know.”

1. The Date
Well, it may be a little obvious, but it’s the most essential part. Make sure it’s easy to read and understand. If you’re sending overseas remember that dates can be read differently, so be specific.
2. The Location
This gives your guest idea on where they need to plan extra time, or extra money if you’re planning a destination wedding. It also sets the tone of your wedding, and suggests the dress required. For lover of fashion they will now be on the prowl for the perfect outfit.

3. Formal Invitation

Include a simple line such as, formal invitation to follow, so your guest understand there is more to come. They don’t need to RSVP at this stage, but you want them to have it marked in their diary so they definitely come.

4.Individual Design

This is going to be an amazing day, and the start of your married life together. Mark this occasion with your personality and design a Save the Date that reflects you both as a couple, and the day you have planned. It will build the excitement, and anticipation for your upcoming wedding day.

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