Meet the enchanted rose

Last night we had the pleasure of being introduced to the Enchanted Rose at the Australian debut at Northside Flower Market. This fascinating flower is different from your normal, everyday, common or garden variety of rose.  It undergoes a unique process of preservation that maintains its shape and colour. This amazing procedure means the roses never need water and can last for many months.
The launch evening, held at the Northside Flower Market in Stafford, included a fashion parade of gowns by Rebecca Cobbing Couture with headpieces by Belle Folie. The dramatic pieces incorporated the enchanted rose in a range of colours, styles and designs that hinted at their creative potential. Way beyond your normal flower crowns, these unique pieces, including a spectacular floral helmet, showcased how useful these new roses will be for fashion designers and florists looking for a creative edge.
The event was well attended and the venue was styled to highlight the beauty and versatility of the new product. The champagne flowed and there was a delicious selection of yummy treats on offer.
It’s always good to see new initiatives and innovations being supported and encouraged and if last night is anything to go by, the enchanted rose will have an enchanted future in Brisbane.

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