Your wedding morning essentials – Top 5

KAWedding047-1_blog1. Enjoy your morning

Make sure you sleep as best you can, and get up early ready to enjoy every amazing moment. Allow an hour or two to relax and mentally prepare for the day ahead. A massage would be perfect, but a herbal tea could also be the ticket.

2. Eat breakfast!

You may feel nervous and have a non-existent appetite, but who knows when you’ll next get the chance for a bite to eat. A breakfast, not matter how simple is definitely called for, especially if you’re planning on a glass of champagne or two.

3. A moment or two with your parents

Your biggest advocates are there for you (and probably always have been), and will want to enjoy your day with you. Now’s the time to include them. You’re about to get married, let them enjoy the last moments before you walk down the aisle.

4. Be prepared

Have a little pack of emergency supplies. Don’t forget to include tissues, panadol, tampons, band aids, a safety pin, some flat shoes and makeup. A spare lipstick or lip gloss is always handy.

5. Enjoy

It’s your day. Have confidence in the professionals you have engaged to make your day perfect. Let them sweat the small stuff, and you just enjoy the day. You are marrying the love of your life. Savour every precious moment.

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