Having bridesmaid issues? Here’s the perfect answer…

M&D Wedding114-2The joy of being chosen as a bridesmaid can quickly wear off when the realisation of the commitment involved becomes clear. We’re not talking about the bridezilla type of weddings either. The commitment is one that 99% of your best friends will love and rise to the challenge. However, there are those days where bridesmaids are going through their own issues, and really don’t want to hear about the perfect day you have planned.

Here are some ideas to lift the mood of your bridal party, and set the tone for the wedding of your dreams.

  1. Don’t just get together to talk about your wedding. Make plans that involve activities and doing thing together. Watch a movie, go bushwalking, do a course together, and most importantly have fun.
  2. Reduce the wedding conversations. If you find you keep going back to your wedding in conversation, think about it, and change the subject. Let your bridesmaid chose the conversation topic. You’ll be surprised how often they will bring it back to your wedding, without you mentioning it.
  3. Thank them. Your bridal party love you, and want you to have an awesome day. Thank them for their ideas and interest. You don’t have to always agree but a mutual respect and appreciation is a great start to planning your perfect day.



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