A change is as good as a rest

MBFF_Cars0009As it reaches it’s 10th anniversary, MBFF keeps getting bigger and better every time. I have to admit I wasn’t sure about the switch from the CBD to the RNA showgrounds when it was first announced. However, this year’s venue, the John Reid Pavillion, may turn out to be the smartest move the festival has made. The location in a quieter part of the city means your arrival feels more like an exclusive European experience – you have arrived somewhere special for something unique, and the genial hosts and the avenue of gleaming Mercedes certainly helps to set the perfect tone. Once inside, Lindsay Bennett and his team have created a simply phenomenal set of flowing spaces within the cavernous, industrial environs of the building. There is ample space to mingle, and the provision of two media wall’s, one manned by the official photographers, the other available for selfies is a big plus. The photowalls are simply stunning this year and help transform the space, whilst the fashion bar had plenty of counterspace and never felt busy despite the full-house crowd. The VIP space was elegant, with plenty of break-out space and the right mix of seating and standing space to permit mingling or more serious business negotiations.

The long u-shaped runway allowed exceptional viewing of every design for all patrons, with parades well paced to permit relaxed enjoyment of each segment. The lighting was bright and even, perfect for our professional photographer, and for the keen fasionistas in the crowd too.


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