Ekka Fashion is a Circus

This year’s Natural Fibres Fashion Parade at the Ekka followed the trend for circus skills with an entertaining themed runway event. Following in the footsteps of Cirque du Soleil and Absinthe who have wowed us already this year, the bar has been set high. This parade really did cater for the diverse Ekka crowds, from country kids children through to Brisbane fashionistas and even the reluctant Queensland bloke.

Presented by Cotton Australia, the eclectic collection of designers provides the perfect taste of some of Queensland’s premier designers and upcoming newcomers. First seen in 1980, the longest running fashion parade in Australia promised a show we wouldn’t forget and with Lindsay Bennett’s usual aplomb we weren’t disappointed. Using Queensland’s natural resources, the collections showcased cotton, wool and silk presented in an exciting demonstration of strength, flexibility and big top talent.

Royal Queensland Show
Natural Fibres Fashion Parade
Presented by Cotton Australia

Garments by

Darb Bridal Couture | Brides Desire by Wendy Sullivan | Paul Hunt | The Irma J Smith House of Fashion | Pia du Pradal| Tengdahl | Will Valour | White Label Noba | Sacha Drake | Maiocchi | Urbbana | Easton Pearson | Soot | Gail Sorronda | Ubermen | Jack Sullivan | George Wu | Bora | The Cloakroom

Executive Producer: Lindsay Bennett
Choreographer: Bernadette Bagel
Parade Stylist: Kimberley Gardner
Circus Artists: Majestic Artists
Aerial Rigger: Rigcom Access
Lightening and Audio: Microhire
Projection Screens: Microhire
Hair Stylists: CorCorz Hair
Make Up: Napoleon Perdis
Video Production: TPD Media
Theming: Staging Dimensions
Stage: Corporate Staging

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