So you’ve taken the plunge …

You’re in the euphoria of engagement. You’ve found your perfect life partner, but now you also have a wedding to plan! So where do you start? Our advice is to enjoy your engagement for a little time! Take at least a week or two, perhaps even a month or more if you’re in no rush to the alter to really enjoy the moment. Let it fully sink in and give yourself some time to ponder the future before you start your wedding planning in earnest.

TWA Wedding Rings smlThe most critical thing is the date. Spring, summer, autumn or winter? All the seasons have their unique benefits and their drawbacks and will influence many of the other decisions about the day. We always recommend trying to finalise your date about a year in advance – this gives plenty of time for planning, but also should guarantee your first choice of ceremony and reception venues and your most critical suppliers. Once you have your date set the next choice is your overall theme or style. This might define your venue too. Are you an outdoor couple that must get married on the beach, or in a stunning mountain valley. Or maybe you are all about luxury and the reception venue and a traditional church is the answer. Or perhaps you (or your fiancé) are a car nut and the transport is the critical first choice (not to mention ensuring you don’t clash with Bathurst weekend).

Whatever you’re into, that’s where to start. Your unique and individual choices are what makes your wedding all about you and where the multitude of options really begins! Don’t be put off too much by other people’s opinions and get inspiration from a range of sources – there’s nothing worse than setting small details in place early and then finding something that you love even more – you don’t have to be impulsive (unless you want to).

Most importantly though is to enjoy the process and don’t sweat the small stuff. Get the big ticket items out of the way early and choose experienced professionals who you trust – they will take so much pressure off you as the day gets closer – and the rest will fall into place as the planning progresses.

Speak to our amazing contributors for professional advise on your wedding day.

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