Breathtaking Bridal Experience

EDV-1Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting with Tammie Nitschke, the head designer at Elizabeth deVarga Exclusive Fashions, to discuss our collaboration on an upcoming photo shoot. We had a wonderful chat and it was fantastic to be on the same page as such a creative person with passion for the industry. There will be much more coming up involving the stunning gowns and accessories from Elizabeth deVarga in the next edition of the The Wedding Alley.

The chat with Tammie was great but it was the real experience watching a future bride have her final fitting in the most stunning gown that left a warm fuzzy feeling inside. As soon as the bride, Terri, walked out I gasped. A made to measure gown just has something. It’s perfect for each bride. Not only did I love the design, and the fabric, and every little thing about this gown, but the drawcard was the bride’s face. Her hair was pulled up in a messy bun, and she had regular, everyday makeup on – but she looked absolutely stunning. The glow in her cheeks, and the light in her eyes said everything.

Watching the pure joy of this bride was like a drug. I wanted more.

EDV-2Of course I had to compliment her, and the gown, and in doing so had the pleasure of a conversation about her upcoming wedding. It was very easy to get drawn into the excitement of Terri’s day. The gown was in front of me – no imagination necessary. The icing on the cake, however, was the details of this destination wedding. This lucky bride was just about to head off to France for an idyllic European wedding. Anyone who follows this blog, and our website will know I am a total Francophile. If it’s French I’m there. It’s my most favourite country in the world.

I walked away for this encounter with a skip in my step. Not only do I have the plans for an absolutely amazing photo shoot with the most stunning gowns, but I experienced the joy of someone’s wedding planning and a saw a big part of the wedding preparation that I don’t get to see that often. What a privilege. My head is in cloud nine, and I’m hoping that Terri will send us some of her wedding photos. I’m sure you’d like to see them, and I know I would.

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