Love Locks Conflict

PontNeuf2_NewWhat do you think love locks or no love locks?  Earlier this year I posted about the love locks that adorn many brides in Paris, and Europe.  At the time I thought it was beautiful, and a huge sparkling sign of love. Now I’m conflicted.  The locks are spreading, and a new campaign against the locks has started – No Love Locks.  I’m still not sure what I think.  I love the idea of a gesture to amen love ever after, however is the beauty of bridges in cities such as Paris becoming the cost?

Here’s the BBC’s latest article, and a link to our previous blog post.

Our contributor’s opinions:

“Personally – against. Romantic, but to the detriment, possibly long term, to these structures that have withstood centuries of history, Here’s a better idea for eternal love – name a star.” – Dave Wall, Masterpieces Photography + Video

“I understand the romance behind the locks and the symbol behind the locks, however I have to agree that it has gone too far and historic landmarks are now becoming ugly and becoming damaged.
Love is a powerful thing, however you can symbolise your love in other ways than defacing historic landmarks that should be treasured and admired by everyone not just couples in love.” – Joanne Hasson, JK Couture Designs

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