Q&A with Karla from Blissful Makeup

Karla Strachan is the talent behind Blissful Makeup.  

Karla_BlissfulMakeupWhat piece of advice would you offer to brides when it comes to make up?
Be true to yourself, choose a makeup style that reflects your own style, if you are natural and outdoorsy don’t choose anything too glamorous or really ‘made up’.
If you wear makeup everyday you can be more experimental.

What current trend do you think is worth following?
Vintage is huge! Winged eyeliner and red lips! Boho is also still popular with a more relaxed style and warmer hues and tones

Who is your style guide? 
I love 50’s glamour – I adore Sophia Loren!

What are you most proud of?
Oooh….good question.  I am proud daily of my children who show me the beautiful things in life each day, but on a work/mua side – my passion for the makeup industry, sharing my skills and for the logevity of my career, I have now been working as a Makeup Artist for over 20 years and I love it more than ever.

Have you worked with any celebrities?
Yes, a few local Aussie celebs…
(but the best asset of a Makeup Artist is confidentiality ;-))

What is your ideal job?
Doing what I do of course…but a little of international travel involved would be awesome (of course funded) 

Why did you become a makeup artist?
My Mum was the local Mary Kay lady in the 80’s I guess that was my earliest introduction, but I love art & painting so it was the natural direction for me to follow

What’s your favourite movie?
City of Angels is my favourite movie.

What are you reading?
The Sweet Poison Quit Plan How to kick the sugar habit!!  & Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (for my 9 year old)

Where is your ideal getaway?
A Tuscan Villa with lots of warm balmy nights and lazy days

Are you a cat or dog person?
I’m both, but I love the loyalty a dog gives you

What inspires you?
Happy People.  People with an open heart.  


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